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The Industry pushes consumers NPK and chemical-based inputs. BlueGold® was built by consumers who needed a better product. Rather than creating more NPKs and inputs laced with harsh chemicals, caustic pH(s), high salts and chlorides, and caused greater excesses and deficiencies; we saw value in covering the full spectrum of nutrients that soils and plants require.

BlueGold® Solutions are safe pH balanced formulations of NOP Compliant and Certified Organic herbs, minerals sources, oceanic clays, and plant oils and extracts complexed further with plant saponins and carbohydrates. They are trade-secret manufactured without high heat, acids, solvents, or harsh chemicals to reveal higher levels of nutrients and preserve inherent all-natural biological strains. Our Solutions' water amendment properties turn them into robust Nutrient Delivery Systems. They quickly address the immune systems of plant BRIX, enabling them to boost their natural immune functions. Grow headache-free on BlueGold® and see your own Amazing Results.

Soil is a living organism that needs care all year long.

BlueGold® Solutions are designed to jam as much nutrients into the soil and plant sap as safely as possible. The average soil is nutritionally dead from lack of biological activity and locked out nutrients from imbalanced and/or chemical inputs. Many soils are so abused with tillage of topsoil loss and chemical onslaught. BlueGold® is here to correct the problem not 'manage' the problem.

BlueGold® Solutions are effective when first Fertigated (soil watering), and then Foliar'd (spray plants to a drip) 15 minutes later. This back to back induces the plants to grow deeper roots and pull up nutrients more efficiently. BlueGold® Solutions make soil nutrients rush into the plants (via the roots). This is an exceptional thing as long as you input nutrients to replenish the soil.

  • 99% of the time Calcium and Phosphate are never in balanced ratios. Without the ratio of these two balanced nothing will ever work. Calcium is the Queen of all minerals. She regulates everything in the soil and the sap. Phosphate is the King of all minerals. He regulates Calcium. If they are not properly balanced, no mineral or micro will move in the soil or the sap. Spread a minimum of 5 pounds of our Soft Rock Phosphate per and 5 pounds of our Calcium per 100 square feet of soil. Do not use a Dolomite, Gypsum, or another Ag-Lime - there is not enough Organic Matter in 99% of the soils out there to make these available. You want an Aragonite, that has a 'bug' packaged attached to it. It's the only Calcium that moves into the soil or sap within minutes when fertigated/foliar'd. You do not want a Hard Rock Phosphate because of the chemicals and acids used to wash it. A Soft Rock Phosphate has a mineral and bug package attached to it as well.

  • Pest issues mean plant sap/soil pH is below 6.4 and Phosphate, Sulfur, and Micronutrients are missing.

  • Disease issues mean plant sap/soil pH is below 6.4, and Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, available Salts, and Macronutrients are missing.

  • You can also have both pest and disease with a low/high pH because your Cation/Anion exchange is out of balance.

  • Weed pressure is the direct result of poor soil health. The more deficient the soil, the higher the weed pressure. The less Organic Matter in the soil the more elevated the weed pressure. A local Organic Compost and our bug tea and Worm Castings will have all the bugs you need. You can feed them with our Super Carb, our microbe biology food source.

  • If you have an alternative to City Water (preferable rainwater), this will always significantly improve results. If not, you can let City Water sit in an open container for 48 hrs before use to gas off the chemicals harmful to the soil.

  • Never use any Compost or any soil amendment from a Municipal Sewage Plant or a Yard Waste Compost. They're loaded with chemicals!

  • Put Organic Compost and Worm Castings in your soil in the Spring and Fall every year. These are the best times possible. In the Fall cover (bed) your Compost, Worm Castings, and Soil with leaves (mulched is best) if available. If it is not, use clean straw.

A healthy plant quickly reduces fungal infections, viruses, and diseases on its own like: powdery mildew, dutch elm disease, tomato blight, root rot, corn smut, fire blight, verticillium wilt, anthracnose, lawn fungus, fusarium wilt, apple scab, tree diseases, sudden oak death, damping-off, lawn diseases, leaf spot, leaf curl, early blight, late blight, cankers, wheat rust, botrytis blight, tomato fungus, cedar rust, galls, bacterial wilt, cucumber diseases, mosaic virus, etc.

Plants with proper pH, balanced nutrient levels, and high in BRIX and do not need pesticides or fungicides. Pests and molds cannot survive in high BRIX environments. So by increasing plant health you will see natural pest control against earwigs, Japanese beetles, aphids, mites, thrips, mealybugs, whiteflies, spider mites, nematodes, fungus gnats, squash bugs, grub worms, Hymenoptera, cutworms, leafhoppers, cucumber beetles, weevils, flea beetles, leafminers, sawflies, potato beetles, leafcutter bees, scale insects, cabbage worms, squash vine borers, cabbage loopers, borer beetles, corn earworms, white grubs, tomato pests, Mexican bean beetles, tree borers, slugs, caterpillars, snails, and more.

Balanced Nutrition In Plant Sap & Soil with BlueGold® Can:

  • Attract Beneficials100%
  • Increase Pollination100%
  • Increase Yields & Production100%
  • Generate Porous Soft Soil100%
  • Promote Explosive Root Growth100%
  • Enhance Soil Water Infiltration & Storage100%
  • Decrease Water Usage & Runoff100%
  • Grow Pest & Disease Free Crops via Increased BRIX100%
  • Eliminate Root Rot Conditions100%
  • Reduce Heat Stress in Plants & Crops100%
  • Increase Frost & Freeze Bud Protection100%
  • Rejuvinate Soil Biology & Worms100%

BlueGold® Solutions are safe to be applied via foliar, fogging, drip, pivot, injection, and through all plant growth stages from seed set, bud break, and fruit set to harvest.

By themselves, BlueGold® Solutions will not harm any plant, biology, system, human, animal, water source, environment, or beneficial (pollinator, bird, bee, butterfly, etc.).

BlueGold® Solutions are 100% natural and formulated from NOP Compliant and Certified Organic ingredients. They are free of harsh chemicals, caustic pHs, GMOs, PGRs, toxins, and synthetics.

BlueGold® Solutions amplify anything they touch. To prevent burning, you must follow directions and dial back all your chemical and synthetic inputs 90%. Do a test patch and walk rates up.